What to do when you get sick while traveling

Things to do: Do your homework!  Study up on where you are going and what possible pathogens are in that area.  Not every place is going to have the same types of diseases…taking a trip to the Amazon is completely different than heading up to Canada. You don’t have to study like your preparing for… View Article

Foods and Seasonal Allergies: Common Questions Answered

1) How can fatty fish help with allergy relief? -Fatty fish (those especially high in omega-3 fatty acids) can be hugely beneficial to dealing with seasonal allergies.  The reason behind this is fairly simple and really comes down to our terrible standard American diet.  We all know that our American diet is insanely unhealthy.  One… View Article

The Basics of Arthritis and How You Can Benefit!

First off, there are 3 stages of the progression stages of osteoarthritis. -Stage 1 is the proteolytic breakdown of the cartilage. -Stage 2 is abnormal cartilage repair and remodeling and the release of breakdown products -Stage 3 is that those breakdown products in stage 2 induce chronic inflammation.   Typical signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis… View Article