Things to Know

Many conditions treated. Dr. Brennecke has been trained to treat a wide variety of conditions. See the Common Conditions treated page for a list of conditions he treats most often.

We work with other healthcare providers. Each health care profession offers valuable insight into patient’s health. By working together with other practitioners, we can provide the most comprehensive and integrative quality of care available. In order for Rocky Mountain Wellness Clinic to communicate with your other health care providers, please fill out a records release form.

We do not bill insurance. Payment is due at time of service.

We can ship your supplements. If you happen to run out of your supplements in between visits, give us a call or send an email and we can have them shipped to your address. There will be a small additional handling fee for shipment and you will have your supplements within a few days.

We are here for you. If you need to get in touch with Dr. Brennecke to ask questions about your treatment plan or have follow-up questions, you are welcome to call the clinic or email us anytime. We usually respond within 24 hours.