New Patient visit: $165 1-1.5 hour

  • Tired of all the different medications you’re taking? Have a chronic disease/illness you’re tired of dealing with? Schedule a new patient visit with your Fort Collins naturopathic doctor at Rocky Mountain Wellness Clinic and find out how you can address your issue without all the side effects to your medications now.

Follow-up visit: $60 30 min-1 hour

Acute visit: $45 20-30 minutes

  • Just starting to feel sick? Make an appointment for an acute visit to address your immediate concerns.

Sports Physicals :$40 20 minutes

  • Our kids are involved in a lot of sports and in order to be able to compete, they must have a sports physical done to determine that they are eligible to participate. Schedule now at Rocky Mountain Wellness Clinic!

Vitamin/Supplement Consultation: $50

  • Confused about your vitamins and minerals? Wonder what the difference is between your $10 bottle of multi-vitamins and a more expensive bottle is? Bring in your supplements today for a thorough and expert explanation behind the brand and different components and find out whether you’re getting the most from your supplements.

Complementary 15-minute consultation to see if Naturopathic Medicine in Fort Collins is right for you!