Approach to Care

The body is one amazing machine.  Give it the proper nutrients and it will inherently heal itself.  My goal is to facilitate the healing process using effective natural medicine therapies, which are specific to each individual patient.

Individual care is essential to naturopathic medicine.  We are all individuals with unique physiologies that need unique attention when they are struggling.  Suffice it to say, the therapy that worked for your friend may not be the therapy that works for you.

My philosophy for maintaining health is in the balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Prevention is the keystone of my medical approach, and one reason I chose naturopathic medicine is to be able to assess all areas of one’s health and make suggestions and referrals based on the patient’s concerns.

Most physicians strive to get their patients feeling better, usually through very short doctor visits and pharmaceutical medications.  My goal is to be your Fort Collins naturopathic doctor and take an active role in your health and I do this by getting to know you as a person as best I can.  The more I know about my patients, the better I am able to treat them, rather than just treating their symptoms.  Medicine should be about treating the person, not the symptoms, which is why it’s called “health care” and not “sick care.” My approach is to seek the root cause of your imbalance or illness, and I do this by asking a lot of questions, performing physical exams, and ordering lab testing and imaging, if need be.  Sure, treating the symptoms can be easy and provide short-term relief, but that approach only puts a temporary bandage on the deeper issue.